Oil,Fuel & Air Filter Elements of Heavy Duty Truck

Today, I will tell you about the maintenance of the heavy duty oil filter, which can be found in the following article.

Heavy-duty truck oil filter is a filter device used to filter and clean impurities, such as dust, soot, moisture, etc. from the air entering the engine or other fluid systems. It is mainly divided into diesel filter and air filter.

Diesel filter comprises: intake pipe, filter paper, filter element and diesel filter paper. The filtration accuracy is divided into three levels, which are: primary, secondary and tertiary filtration accuracy.

Under normal circumstances, the first-stage filtration accuracy is the highest and the impurity filtration ability is strong; Second, the filtration accuracy is worse than the first; Grade three is the worst.

Air filter comprises: air filter body, air filter element. The main body of the air filter is made of filter paper and fiber, and the filtration accuracy is divided into three levels; The filtration accuracy of filter paper is determined by the aperture of filter element, the smaller the aperture, the more particles contained in the unit area; The filtration accuracy of filter element is related to the quality of filter paper and fiber. The higher the quality of fiber, the stronger the filtration capacity.

Since heavy vehicle engines work in harsh environments for a long time and vehicles often travel in special environments such as deserts and plateaus, the engine filter must meet the following conditions:

1. Good sealing performance

2. Long service life

3. Bad use environment

4. High reliability

5. Good durability

6. Low cost of use

7. The replacement period is long

8. Easy to operate and maintain (including cleaning).

Industry background

With the continuous strengthening of environmental laws and regulations, country Ⅲ and country Ⅳ emission standards have been implemented, country 3, country 5 models continue to increase, country 5 models will be implemented at the end of next year. With the gradual improvement of emission laws and regulations, the engine filter, as one of the three major components of the emission system, is also facing severe challenges and needs to better face the challenges of the new era.

Market demand

The demand for engine filter is also large because the total quantity of heavy-duty vehicles in our country is very large, and environmental pollution is very serious. But because there are few manufacturers of heavy-duty truck filters in our country, the product categories are relatively single, and most of them are low-end products, the market competition is also very fierce. Facing such circumstances, we need to develop a better performance and more durable heavy-duty automobile filters to win the fierce market competition.

Technical requirement

1. All the required technical indicators shall be satisfied, and the minimum tolerance requirements of the standard shall be met.

2. When assembling each filter, all filters should be classified and installed as required. Install as per standard requirements.

3. It must comply with the factory inspection items stipulated by the manufacturer.

4, the filter element installation should be kept clean, no foreign matter mixed, otherwise it will affect the filtration effect, and even cause damage, cause engine power reduction, will also shorten its service life. The filter element should be checked regularly for foreign bodies.

5. All filters should have no obvious deformation or damage in use, otherwise they should be replaced in time.

Development direction

The development direction of engine filter:

1. The filtration accuracy is higher and higher, so that it can filter more impurities, but also can provide a larger filtration area.

2 can better prevent engine overheating and damage, prolong the service life of the engine.

3. It can better withstand high temperature, and the working temperature range can reach more than 450℃.

4. Loading, unloading and cleaning can be carried out in hydraulic way to reduce maintenance costs and improve working efficiency.

5. Improve the intelligent management level of filter through the use of intelligent electronic technology and network technology.

6. Can adapt to a variety of harsh environmental conditions, and ensure the good operation of the engine.

7. It can meet the working requirements of the engine in various working conditions.

8. Can adapt to the requirements of high strength and large load, especially in harsh working conditions (such as plateau, desert, etc.) can still maintain good working performance and long-term reliable use.

Concluding remarks

In our maintenance of heavy vehicle filters, we must do the following:

1. The machine must be cleaned each time of maintenance, and ensure the sealing performance of the filter before use.

2. The filter element needs to be replaced every 10,000 kilometers or two years. It can not be replaced until the engine is seriously worn, which will seriously damage the engine.

3. The engine oil filter should be checked once every 5000 kilometers. If the oil level in the oil filter is too low, the new oil filter should be replaced in time.

4. The filter element should be cleaned every 3-6 months. When replacing the oil, the filter element should be checked and replaced in time if necessary.

5. In the actual use process, attention should be paid to maintain the cleanliness of the filter, such as the discovery of filter element blockage in time to clean or replace.