Applications of Oil Filtration

According to the 1991 emission standard, this paper focuses on the removal of harmful dust in the engine through the bypass oil filter, so as to achieve the purpose of efficient cleaning of tail gas. This paper discusses the shortcomings of conventional filter material and full-flow filter in the process of removing soot from engine oil, emphatically analyzes the requirements of ultrafine filtrate, lists the difference in performance between full-flow filter and bypass filter, and points out its advantages. The effect of the filter material on the by-pass filter and the advantages of the new filter material, which is capable of capturing particles as small as 1/10 micron, are also described.

Table of contents

  • 1991 Emissions Standards Mean Increased Engine Wear
  • Soot Damages Engines
  • Full Flow Filters Can't Remove Particles Causing Most Engine Wear
  • Bypass Filters Can Remove Smaller Particles
  • Bypass Filters Are Needed To Remove Engine Damaging Soot That Full Flow