CLAAS filters protect engines from contamination, ensure long-term operational reliability, and are perfectly tailored to the performance characteristics of CLAAS machines.

1. High-quality filter paper.

ORIGINAL air filters have a special fold geometry to ensure the unobstructed inflow of dust-laden air into the folds. This configuration also prevents the filter papers from lying one over the other. The uniformly distributed pores ensure maximum elimination of unwanted soiling.

2. Impregnation of filter paper.

The impregnation process provides optimal protection against mechanical, thermal and climatic influences, and against operating fluids.

3. Custom-fit seal.

Even tiny leaks between the seal and filter housing directly cause engine soiling, and therefore additional wear. Accordingly, maintaining a tight fit even after many hours of use increases engine life.

4. Optimal filtering performance.

Up to 99.90% of all particles are filtered out. The virtually particle-free intake air increases the service life of the engine, in any dust conditions.