From February to April during the epidemic, the online performance of Zhejiang Zhenhang Filtration Technology Co., Ltd. bucked the trend and increased by more than 50%, with a sudden increase in new customers.
Breaking 100%; the company simultaneously announced that it will invest tens of millions of funds to fully launch the 450 plan for digital upgrading. Founder Chen Mengxu Seeing digital opportunities in the foreign trade crisis: "Before 2025, the company will achieve a performance of 100 million US dollars!"

7 years ago, Chen Mengxu and his partners co-founded Zhejiang Zhenhang Filtration Technology Co., Ltd., deeply cultivating the high-end filter market in the auto parts industry.During the period, 3 Ali International Station platforms were established, with employees ranging from 7 to more than 200, and the performance jumped dozens of times from one million US dollars to tens of millions US dollars, the products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions. Workshop-style OEM started, and now, "OEM customization + ODM development has been completed" Design + OBM's own brand" full-scale enterprise operation transformation, "Zhenhang. GREEN" brand is also in dozens of countries around the world Establish a good awareness in the minds of customers in and regions.

7 years of deep cultivation of high-end filters in the auto parts industry, Zhejiang enterprises are aiming at billions of dollars.

            01 Under the epidemic, the performance increased by 50% against the trend
2020 is the beginning of Zhenhang's new five-year plan. Although the epidemic has hit foreign trade companies and manufacturers hard since the beginning of the year,However, Zhenhang still firmly grasped all opportunities and continued to maintain a strong development momentum. The performance from February to April increased by more than 50% year-on-year.
In 2018, new online customers exceeded 100%. At the end of February, the company announced the implementation of a new 450 plan, that is, starting from March, expanding enrollment 50% of the total employees, 50% of the factory production area, 50% of automation equipment, and the first introduction of a large number of industrial robots.
The above equipment is connected to the digital database to realize the digital intelligent operation of equipment + process + team.
In the automotive aftermarket, filters need to be replaced regularly, which are high-frequency consumables, and the market demand is huge. Many foreign filters
The century-old enterprises of the brand have reached the performance level of tens of billions of dollars. The filter industry and products produced in China are currently in a high-speed.
In the development stage, the company launched a catch-up with European, American, Japanese and Korean companies. In the process of the development and changes of the epidemic, although offline channels are blocked, the market needs
Seeking to quickly turn to online concentration, triggering a surge in the company's effective inquiries on the Ali platform. Chen Mengxu, who is sensitive to data, arranges in time.
Customer executives have one-to-one in-depth exchanges with inquiring customers from more than 50 countries, and mine and analyze demand data.
"There are no shortcuts, only hard work. In the current epidemic, we have shown enough respect and care to our customers, and have also exchanged objective and
Sincere feedback. "On the one hand, Zhenhang quickly adjusted the matching of different models of products in response to changes in different market demands.
supply, greatly increasing the transaction volume; on the other hand, Zhenhang has come to and firmly believes that auto parts products are hard currency, and after the epidemic,Although the circulation of goods has been steadily restored, and many countries have decided to increase infrastructure to stimulate economic recovery, the demand for cleaners will even increase in domestic and foreign markets.
Local blowout now.
In mid-May, Zhenhang has completed the expansion of 50% of its staff. It is expected that by September, the two goals of infrastructure and equipment will be completed, and the Continue to improve digital and intelligent operations, and implement the online and offline camp of "large modern manufacturing base + large professional team operation",
Race against time to lay out the corner overtaking after the epidemic, and move towards an excellent enterprise with a performance of billions of dollars.
          02 Online Nuggets auto parts industry, industry advanced secrets behind corner overtaking
Today's Zhenhang is in high spirits, Chen Mengxu said: "How big is the heart, how big is the stage, the people of Zhenhang should not only be ambitious, but also
down to earth. "Zhenhang's growth and development experience confirms this. Chen Mengxu recalled: Zhenhang has been working with Alibaba almost on the first day of its establishment.The first customer came from Ali, and the first pot of gold also came from Ali. It took 3 years to solidly complete the original accumulation on the Ali platform.Tired, established the pyramid base of the initial customers.
In 2013, after graduating from university, Chen Mengxu, who worked in the auto parts industry for 5 years, co-founded Zhejiang Zhenhang Filtration Technology with a friend.Co., Ltd. is engaged in foreign trade from a workshop-style factory of 150 square meters, focusing on the production and sales of filter products for the auto parts industry.At this time, all kinds of resources were insufficient. At this time, Chen Mengxu came into contact with a small and medium-sized businessman working in Ali, and felt that Ali International Station had great influence on small and medium-sized foreign trade.
The company's enthusiastic encouragement and support quickly opened the company's first Ali platform. Zhenhang, which was in its infancy, ushered in nearly a hundred.The OEM orders of the country's B-end medium-sized customers constitute more than 90% of the company's business sources. Among them, 80% of the company's small B customers come from Ali. With steadily winning two or three hundred long-term customers every year, as well as an annual performance of millions of dollars, Zhenhang is in the fierce competition environment.
It survived in the environment, and then gradually started online and offline coordinated development from online trade.
2016 is an important turning point in the development of Zhenhang. The company has comprehensively upgraded and transformed its layout and started a five-year development.Take the type to expand the breakthrough. The company has gradually expanded the factory area from 3,000 square meters to a large-scale high-end manufacturing base of tens of thousands of square meters.
The number also increased from seven in the early days to more than 200. During the period, the annual performance maintained a growth rate of more than 50%. Chen Mengxu added: "The ChineseThe large market for traditional manufacturing is only growing at about 5% per year. Relatively speaking, the company's performance can be regarded as an exponential rise. "now,The company has built a full-scale operation of "OEM customization + ODM development and design + OBM independent brand", and its annual performance has jumped several times.Ten times, to the level of tens of millions of dollars.
          03 Digital open source + industry product upgrade + OBM brand going overseas, he said, "2025 will point to billions of dollars in performance!"
Looking back on the development since 2016, Chen Mengxu believes that when Zhenhang took the lead in testing the new credit insurance orders launched by Ali, it was a successful start.the first step. Timely grasping this opportunity to quickly obtain data accumulation and high-quality customers, so that Zhenhang has been ranked from the industry in one fell swoop within a year.
More than a dozen famous people jumped to the top 3 in the industry, and often topped the list. And the company's newly added gold product platform in Ali makes Zhenhang online industry.field, added more credit endorsements. Among the filter foreign trade enterprises, there are not many powerful factories like Zhenhang with gold certification.This further accelerates the company's drainage of high-end customers and prompts quick transactions. A German customer is in urgent need of products and directly locks in Jinpin Chengqi.
Inquiry, first deal with the company within 2 weeks, and become a long-term customer. Chen Mengxu said: "In the past two years, the other party has not thought about it.Audit. He is also very grateful to the Ali platform for providing such an efficient and low-cost way to find high-quality suppliers. "
In addition to the digital open source layout on Alibaba International Station, Zhenhang's product strength is the core of winning long-term industry customers.
Heart. The highlight of the company's upgrade and transformation lies in product transformation and OBM's own brand layout. Chen Mengxu believes that new energy vehicles.The rise of cars is an irreversible trend of the times, and the demand for traditional car filters will drop sharply in the next 10 to 20 years. noodle
In response to market changes, the company has shifted its target to specializing in non-road mobile mechanical filtration with higher requirements for manufacturing processes and product performance since 2016.
The device market, and rapid product update iterations. At present, 90% of the company's products can cover large construction machinery, agricultural machinery
machinery, and industrial machinery filter market, and has more than 20 product patents, product quality leads the country, and gradually Nearly even reached the level of top European and American counterparts. On the basis of producing high-quality professional products, Zhenhang is actively and fully exposed on the Ali platform.Promote self-owned brand products, attract a large number of small B customers to try and give feedback, and speed up the rapid optimization of products. This step was taken by Chen Mengxu.It is regarded as the cornerstone of Zhenhang OBM's own brand to go overseas successfully. Now, the "Zhenhang. GREEN" brand has been successfully sold at home and abroad dozens of countries and regions.

When looking forward to the future, Chen Mengxu said: "Enterprises need to have such a kind of resilience, which can not only grasp the rapid growth of the wind, but also.When there is no wind or even headwind, it still has the power to soar. Zhenhang will make a modest contribution to the rise of the national manufacturing industry and welcome the Follow the successful realization of the Made in China 2025 strategy! "