Construction machinery filter oil filter, fuel filter, air filter

Construction machinery filter oil filter, air filter, filter element is an important device for filtering air. The filtration effect mainly depends on the filter material, filtration precision and filtration area size. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the material of filter element is constantly innovated. At present, there are mainly fiber filter and fiber filter membrane.

Fiber Filter, also known as filter bag, is a Filtration device composed of different sizes of fiber layers and non-woven materials. It has the characteristics of large ash capacity, good air permeability, high dust capacity, high filtration efficiency and long service life. Mainly used for air purification, petrochemical system and other poor environment occasions, such as drilling mud pollution in the process of oil exploitation.

Filtration Filter is a kind of thin film composed of different density fiber materials and processed by special techniques with a series of micropore structures. Because of its many advantages, it has been widely paid attention to by countries all over the world. It has become an efficient filter element material in the field of air purification, especially suitable for the filter used at high temperature.




Fiber filter membrane is composed of fiber layer with different density and non-woven material, which has high porosity and strong adsorption capacity. The fiber layer is woven with plain weave and made of special waterproof material, which has the characteristics of soft texture and good water resistance. The filtration mechanism of fiber filter membrane is as follows: as a filter medium, the fiber filter membrane is distributed on its surface with numerous micro-pores with small pore sizes, some of which have a large enough area to enter the gas and constantly diffuse in the filtration process to form a gas channel. Some fibers are held in the membrane pore by their own strength and gravity. Under the action of an external force, the gas pressure around the membrane hole increases sharply, forcing the gas to release through the hole in the membrane. By repeating this process many times, the contaminant can be completely removed.

2)System composition

Construction machinery filter is mainly composed of filter element, support seat, support system and frame, etc., its compact structure, convenient installation and maintenance.

Selection of filtration media

In the selection of filter, must consider the characteristics of the filter media and use conditions, choose superior performance, cost-effective filter media.

1. The filter material should have certain porosity, high strength and mechanical strength, and it is not easy to be damaged by external force and will recover its original state under the action of external force. The filter materials commonly used are glass fiber felt, glass fiber needle felt and ceramic fiber felt.

2. Filter material has good chemical stability, good acid resistance, alkali resistance and high temperature resistance, stable chemical properties, insoluble in general solvents, no combustion, but can react with water. Glass fiber filter element has good chemical corrosion resistance.

3. The filter element has high filtration efficiency and certain backblowing performance, which can adapt to various air purification systems with different properties, different flows and different pressure ranges.

3)Installation, commissioning and precautions

1. Before installing the filter, check whether the filter element, shell, flange and all parts are in good condition. The installation position and direction of the filter element shall meet the requirements of use.

2. When installing the filter, pay attention to the direction of the inlet and outlet pipes. The inlet and outlet pipes must be consistent with the direction of the inlet and outlet water on the unit.

3. When the filter is installed, the outer side of the filter element should be pressed on the filter frame, and then the filter is pressed on the base as a whole, and the outlet valve is installed above the filter element, and the filter element is surrounded by sealant or seal to prevent leakage.

4. After the filter element is installed, attention should be paid to adjusting the inlet and outlet pressure difference of the filter, the range is 0~-50 Pa (0~100 Pa). Too large or too small will affect the filtering effect, thus affecting the normal operation of the machine.

5. After using the filter for a period of time, if there is oil leakage phenomenon, the filter element should be replaced.



4)Application situations and cases

1.metallurgy, petrochemical, electric power, mining and other industries in wet dust removal

2.Dust removal of beverage processing machinery in the food industry, dust removal of tea packaging machinery, dust removal of flour and grain processing equipment.

3.In the chemical industry, the gas impurity removal and filtration in the production device, the water removal and impurity removal in the reaction tower and rectification tower.

4.electronic industry in the production process of waste gas removal of water and impurity, organic solvent recovery

5.Remove water and impurities from material dust during food processing; filter dust from starch, syrup and other materials during the production process of amylated mill and sugar factory.

6.pharmaceutical industry in the production process of material dust removal water and impurity filtration.