Agricultural machinery filter

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In an agricultural environment, GreenFilter provides you with a sustainable solution for maximum productivity and engine protection.

Agricultural machinery Parts filter Factory is an indispensable part of diesel engine, its role is to filter the impurities in diesel, provide clean oil for the engine, to ensure the normal operation of diesel engine. It is used most frequently in agricultural machinery and requires the most maintenance.

Agricultural machinery filterfactory generally refers to the hydraulic oil filter device used in agricultural tractors, rototillers and other agricultural machinery.

Agricultural machinery The filter Factory has the advantages of high filtration accuracy, good sealing, long service life, low maintenance cost, convenient replacement, etc. Compared with other filters, it has the following characteristics:

1. High filtration precision, strong filtration ability of impurities;

2. Long service life, the average service life can reach 3~6 months;

3. Compact structure and reasonable design;

4. The replacement is convenient and simple. The old filter can be removed from the tank directly by hand (pliers can be used if you do not have a hand wrench). Rubber seal and dust jacket sealing structure;

5. Small size and light weight;

6. Simple installation: just connect the water inlet of the filter element with the oil port. Low maintenance cost;

7. Adopt high quality rubber ring seal, can withstand high temperature and high pressure;

8. Long service life under the premise of ensuring filtration accuracy.

Agricultural Machinery Filter Factory---GreenFilter

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Agricultural machinery filter Factory

1. Low price, abundant materials,

2. Simple production process, low cost, reliable quality.

3. Unique formula and unique manufacturing process make it have high filtration accuracy.

4. Small size, light weight, easy to install. Only need to weld and plug on the original foundation can be installed, without other special equipment.

5. Excellent filtering performance, with high filtering accuracy and good flow characteristics.

6. Easy to process into different shapes to meet the needs of various products for different aperture sizes

7. Long life, does not contain any metal or fiber impurities and dyes and other harmful substances, stable performance. Widely used in diesel filter, oil filter and other filter equipment (without metal materials).

8. It is made of high quality cotton felt and filter paper and other raw materials processed by special equipment.

9. Filter paper is porous after sintering at high temperature (composed of no less than 10,000 or so free and movable microholes).

10. Can withstand large pressure difference, not easy to deformation

11. Reasonable structure design, good production, good sealing